“I live to travel,” that’s been my motto in life. In fact, just few have left a deep belief that will remain with me forever. Thailand is definitely one of the rare gems. But in the absence of that, I believe there’s rarely another area where you can get better value for your own cash.

Bangkok, as the capital of Siam, guarantees a lot of excitement and surprises. Unlike the other smaller locations, Bangkok is definitely more vibrant and has plenty to surprise any first time traveller. From the gold palace to the weekend marketplace. The size of Chatuchak weekend market will undoubtedly leave you impressed. It’s like a giant melting-pot where you can appreciate the different culinary delights from distinct areas of Thailand. Don’t forget to catch one of the Tuk Tuk if you will be in Bangkok.

Apart from Bangkok, Phuket is most likely the most well known location in Thailand. Geographically situated at the outermost stretch of the peninsula, the coastal line of Phuket is one of the best on earth. But it is the 2006 Tsunami that shot Phuket to popularity to the globe and it was for no good motive. Thanks God I wasn’t there when the disaster struck as I discover myself seeing Siam rather frequently. If there is one thing that you have to attempt when visiting Phuket, it would function as seashore massage. I can not think of any better place to have massage than laying on the shore as you watch the sunlight comes down gradually in your horizon.


Chiang Mai is one place in Siam that guarantees to vary from the other parts of Thailand. If you are familiar with Siam, you had understand that the majority of the tourism spots are found along the coastal area which signifies they are largely shore destination. On the Other-hand, Chiang Mai has a considerably more enjoyable and cooling weather throughout the year which is due to how it lies in fairly high altitude. Another unique factor is its geographical area which lies at the heart of one of the world’s most fearsome edge called the Golden Triangle. If you visit Chiang Mai, going to the golden triangle place is something that you must not miss aside in the energetic night market.

Spots like Krabi and Koh Samui are must-visit locations and don’t say you have visited Thailand if you have not been to these places. What leaves me astonished is the nevertheless immaculate beaches it is possible to find in these areas despite the substantial tourism existence which usually have led to over-commercialization. There is hardly any such place anymore these days. Don’t forget to check the calendar to make sure that the time of your visit does not coincide with the monsoon season when you would discover many sights to be shut.