No one could blame you if having gone through the formal years of education, you could well be thinking that formal office job is everyone’s ideal endeavor but I ought to highlight to you that it really is not my stuff. I was at one moment of time, living under such deception.

At one juncture, I was genuinely into believing that those going around in their professional office attires & suits were fabulous. Not surprisingly, I was particularly inspired to shine in my corporate career.

My perceptions are not quite the same, or somewhat are completely the reverse just 2 years after. Professional jobs are in actuality not as attractive as I pictured them to be. Don’t be misguided.

It is not that I failed to manage to end up in big conglomerates and as a matter of fact, I secure myself into one of the world’s most respected firms. But the two years I devoted there was really not fun and it doesn’t matter how much I attempted to enjoy my endeavor, I just wasn’t able to do it until eventually I ultimately believed I’ve had enough.

I beg to differ if you think that I made the decision based on pulsation as I were left with the judgement only as a result of cautious deliberation and observance of my classmates. Contrary to popular belief, I find out most of them going through the same ‘prisoner’ distress as I did. I can surely ascertain you that financial isn’t actually the factor here.

Salary-wise, we are well treated despite the fact that we are still excavating ourselves away from the financial slump.

My stint at the office where I worked for was never ever insecure. Simply, it turned out to be the office politics that instigated my decision. I love to be just the way I am and wouldn’t be able to stand it if I have to put up a side that I am not.


I really like arguing but strictly when folks argue on the merits of an idea rather than some hidden agenda. I tried to visualize what I want to be two or three decades from today and I stated to myself that I just cannot picture myself working the same stuff and be delighted. My life is too priceless, I divulged to myself. And now, I have called it quit and there is no turning back ever again.

As for me, I am still more fortunate than most of my peers as I maintained my way of life simple and accumulated plenty of savings for the two years to facilitate me to pursue my interest now. Guess how my life is now? (hint: I spend most of my time in the kitchen) I may be expected to work longer hours with lower compensation but I do not need to look to my wristwatch everyday just to wait for the clock to strike past 6.

This blog is portion of my leisure pursuit and side activities. Take them as my personal journal. I’d be delighted if you tell me that you love my blog. But otherwise, I still need to thank you for dropping by.