2013′s 10 Most Memorable Tweets

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Six Hundreds servers working 12-hrs / day produce only $1,300 worth of bitcoins

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Recently, so much hype and controversy have been dominating the headlines. Suddenly, there is this new kind of currencty and everyone seems to be in love with it. With all the hypes and rag-to-riches story, many people are thinking of jumping into it and put up their own bitcoin mine. But do you think you’re up to it? Have you determined what the ROI would be like?

Certainly, anyone who’s developed interest in building their bitcoin farms are drawn by the massive payout.


If you ask me, such expectation could be the natural effect from all the media buzzes surrounding the brand new electronic currency. I am sure you would have learned about a lucky Norwegian guy who spent mere US$26.60 only for that sum to magically become US$886,000 in 2013. I believe you would not need me telling you how much ROI that will equate to. It is simple maths!

Too good too be true stories like this are what brings the fools into this new kind of currency. Everyone wish they were this fortunate chap. That relates to me too. Everybody hopes to produce big fortune when they consider creating their bitcoin farms. But can it be practical? It would have been 5 years back but, not today.

Have you considered simply how much capital would you need or be willing to spend to setup such mine? A recently available blog article reveals that even when you’ve 600 quad-core computers working with 2.8GHz clock for 12 hours each day, you’d end up with pathetic $1,300 annually. And don’t forget that bitcoin mining can only get harder after every successful mine.

Needless to say many argue that this analysis has been too simplistic. The number is based on the assumption that no software optimization is conducted on the set up. These are good reasons, I agree. But when you further analyze it, all the optimization efforts and hours spent on it should also be included in to the initial capital requirement. When everything is taken in, I believe the situation wouldn’t have been much brighter.

If you’re considering this say 5 years back, I do believe you’re a genius. But if you’re just starting to think of it now, I think you’ve no idea about what you’re doing.

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Let’s discuss about Christmas practices

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You Will be amazed to comprehend how time flies in the blink of an eye. I feel that it was just yesterday that we were celebrating Christmas and today, a good part of the year is over. I despise it when I see every added wrinkles forming on my face but that functions as an excellent reminder of how age is catching up. But that is part of the natural ageing process than none of us can get away from, nicely until you choose to meddle with nature and do such things as cosmetic surgery. I really love to make myself look as youthful as Martha Stewart even when I’m older but I figure I ‘ve to fork out my entire savings to do this.

If there’s one part of the year where I love the most, it’ll be Christmas. The sweet memories that I had back in childhood time stays with me even until today and I can’t forget how one gets to appreciate such jolly delights as gingerbread cookies and candy cane sweets just during Christmas. That memories stick with me even till today and it’s something which I’m determined to pass down to my next generation.

One convention that is passed down from my grandparents’ generation is the practice of putting up Christmas ornamentation. Simply to put things in proper circumstance, I come from a large family where my grandparents had 6 children. Now that all of them are married, half of them are blessed with 3 children while the other half are blessed with 4 kids. What makes our holiday ornamentation tradition pleasure is that every year, we’ll pick one of our houses to function as the site for our family’s Christmas gathering. All the children and members of the families who are capable to make it, will ordinarily come together several weeks before the party itself and they are going to start working together to put up the decoration. From this alone, I have tons of affectionate memories which are etched in my own head and will last me for life.

Most of us generally just start contemplating Christmas some time in December and this really is because we are simply overly consumed with our lives. I think it is necessary to keep the Christmas tradition alive which is the best time of the year to bring families together and forge closer ties. If you have not had a great memory of Christmas, it may be time that you pause whatever you are doing in life and give it a serious consideration. The jolly season offers plenty of chances to do meaningful things but none of them will happen without important commitment from us.

Christmas - 5
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Knowing a bit about Thailand

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“I live to travel,” that’s been my motto in life. In fact, just few have left a deep belief that will remain with me forever. Thailand is definitely one of the rare gems. But in the absence of that, I believe there’s rarely another area where you can get better value for your own cash.

Bangkok, as the capital of Siam, guarantees a lot of excitement and surprises. Unlike the other smaller locations, Bangkok is definitely more vibrant and has plenty to surprise any first time traveller. From the gold palace to the weekend marketplace. The size of Chatuchak weekend market will undoubtedly leave you impressed. It’s like a giant melting-pot where you can appreciate the different culinary delights from distinct areas of Thailand. Don’t forget to catch one of the Tuk Tuk if you will be in Bangkok.

Apart from Bangkok, Phuket is most likely the most well known location in Thailand. Geographically situated at the outermost stretch of the peninsula, the coastal line of Phuket is one of the best on earth. But it is the 2006 Tsunami that shot Phuket to popularity to the globe and it was for no good motive. Thanks God I wasn’t there when the disaster struck as I discover myself seeing Siam rather frequently. If there is one thing that you have to attempt when visiting Phuket, it would function as seashore massage. I can not think of any better place to have massage than laying on the shore as you watch the sunlight comes down gradually in your horizon.


Chiang Mai is one place in Siam that guarantees to vary from the other parts of Thailand. If you are familiar with Siam, you had understand that the majority of the tourism spots are found along the coastal area which signifies they are largely shore destination. On the Other-hand, Chiang Mai has a considerably more enjoyable and cooling weather throughout the year which is due to how it lies in fairly high altitude. Another unique factor is its geographical area which lies at the heart of one of the world’s most fearsome edge called the Golden Triangle. If you visit Chiang Mai, going to the golden triangle place is something that you must not miss aside in the energetic night market.

Spots like Krabi and Koh Samui are must-visit locations and don’t say you have visited Thailand if you have not been to these places. What leaves me astonished is the nevertheless immaculate beaches it is possible to find in these areas despite the substantial tourism existence which usually have led to over-commercialization. There is hardly any such place anymore these days. Don’t forget to check the calendar to make sure that the time of your visit does not coincide with the monsoon season when you would discover many sights to be shut.

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On why you shouldn’t just go for the most popular choices when it comes to diving watches purchase

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Discussion of watches that are tough is interchangeable to discussion of Casio G-Shock watches. It was almost thirty years past when Gshock was first introduced to the world and until today, the reputation of G-Shock as the king of watches that are tough seems to be unshakeable. But if you open to new findings, you may also discover that there are some other tough wrist watches you could uncover other than Gshock. The only thing is the fact that other watch makers are not focused enough only in making most robust watches of the world. You’ll find that there are numerous options that are available even for exceptionally dedicated purposes, for example in the case of military watches use.

 Luminox - 1

Watches have two different and distinctive ends of the spectrum. On one end is on and trend watch the other is what I called ‘real’ watch. The trend group of watches is more frequently qualified by designer labels. Other outstanding characteristics are their nature that is trendy; they’re also excellent for daily use because of their light weight nature. On the other side are not delicate watches and more suitable as vital tools for extreme experience trips where injuries such as falls and lumps are common. But of course there are alternatives that lie at the center of the spectrum that assures both stamina and design. Tough watches are the means to go for buyers looking for really tough wrist watches. You are best advised to avoid any specific brand of watch that promises everything but delivers little.

There are numerous factors one has to factor in as a buyer while purchasing a tough wrist watch. The most crucial factors are the strap stuff and watch movement. tough watches straps are made up of a mixture of various different materials. Stainless steel or titanium adds the tough appearance of your watch and sexiness but these materials are not acceptable when used in military timepieces. This is the only reason why Gshock military watches use resin stuff that give changing hues of color. Watch straps should hold tightly and comfortably but not too closely on the wrist to enhance its lifetime particularly during a fall. That is why it is important to read tough wrist watches reviews before making your choice. It’s impossible to find the toughest watches if you do not read and compare the accessible watches in the marketplace.

The watch you wear on your own wrist represents your style and finding one that matches perfectly to your style isn’t going to occur if you do not spend good amount of effort. With the high number of selections to choose from, starting with tough watch reviews is always more efficient and especially if you’re trying to find say the best dive watches for 2014. Ensure you are clear about your individual need so that you understand what things to look out for. GShock set should the first concern for buyers searching for the toughest watches in the world. But if you are looking for military timepieces that look less common, you may want to begin by looking for the newest Luminox watches reviews for 2014. Don’t make the premise that military watches are the toughest watches as the definition of stamina is frequently determined by your demand. One must be keen and not skimpy for tough wrist watches can last one for a very long time.

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The yes and no of Christmas decorations

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Christmas is the day when every Christian celebrates the birth of Jesus. Over time, the Christmas season has been looked forward to by various types of people, regardless of what their opinion is. Most likely it’s been heightened by the world’s excitement to face the new year, and there is no better way to welcome it than basking in the festivities brought by Christmas time. All things considered, it is an extremely good excuse to have some time off from the normally busy days. If there is one single thing that makes every Christmas so different from the rest of the celebrated festivity, it has to be the amazing lights and decorations that people in different corners of the world has come up with. There are countless ideas to build elegant decorations and here are some of them.

A lot of people often take Christmas decorations too leisurely and they expect this to be an enjoyable actiivty. Many would straightaway start getting their hands dirty with no prior planning. If you’re doing the decorating all by yourself, you probably don’t need to put in some serious thought. Besides, once you discover the design to be bad, you can easily start all over again. Things are a little more complex when the entire family members are taking part, especially when you’ve kiddies joining the fun. Without ahead planning, the whole thing may possibly kick-off on the high note but most will finish sour. Nevertheless you can prevent this from happening with even just an easy plan. It does not need to go into the details but at the minimum a general theme and proper process allocation could help increase productivity of your family team.

Christmas - 3

The part of adding beautiful X’mas decorations which will get both children and adults excited could be the outside of the house. Before beginning, make sure to set your-self a budget however. Ornament manufacturers have been amazing in regards to creativity and I can let you know how often I have been left ga-ga with all the decoration offering that just blow away my imagination. If budget is not a concern, you are able to turn your lawn into the land of magic that’s high in assorted hues lighting populated with popular Christmas figurines. Inflatable figures from Disney are popular among children, particularly one where Mickey gets himself dressed up in Santa costume.

Setting up decorations in and out of your home can indeed be very cool for all, however you must give some considerations if you want attractive and elegant Christmas decorations. If you’re a handicraft lover, you would not want to get your ornaments from your store regardless of how convenience it can be. Christmas wreaths are one of those ornaments which you can do on your own, and you can hold as many as you want in various places in your home. On the last note, make sure to set a budget and adhere to it closely if you do not need to end up paying huge credit card debt after the holidays.

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These few factors are fundamental understanding that anyone has to have when they need to purchase a good Student Backpack

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Back packs have been used prevalently ever since the start of time and this is a practice that is true regardless of culture, custom and geographical location. This is not surprising given the many vital uses of backpacks in our life. For people that have a love for travel and like to do it the free and easy manner, backpacks can be used to take belongings to the invaluables from clothings to gears. As you use it to carry laptops and nowadays, all the heavy textbooks if you’re attending college, you understand the value of having a great backpack. If you’re fashionistas, you may discover backpacks to be an extremely useful but yet can be highly stylish accessories.


One thing that you just must be clear when you are purchasing a new backpack would be to know the very purpose for as the best-rated hiking backpacks can be totally distinct from the top-rated travel backpacks you need to use your backpack. Your search for the best backpacks will be a challenging one, unless you’re clear about this. I am saying this just because backpack is a common term and there are so many backpack brands to select from, with each likely to have its own market dominance in markets or certain needs. If for example you know from the beginning that you are only searching for the best backpacks for college, you just need to focus your investigation on brands like High Sierra instead and can forget about backpack evaluations that discuss brands like Teton. From here alone, you can see how you focus simply on the brands that cater to your demands and can save time by zooming in early.

Of course purchasing a backpack simply decide one that is most visually appealing, can be as simple as entering a shop and make your purchase. There’s nothing wrong with this strategy but you have to realize that it’d take at least several iterations before you end up with one that you’ll ultimately use for at least the the next couple of years. Then it is necessary to go through backpack buying guides, if you need to raise the chance of finding the best backpack for your particular needs. You’ll find few discussions that are fundamental in frame structure, namely material toughness, compartment layouts, every good backpack evaluation and the choices for a specified price range spectrum.

Among the major backpack marketplace is the student market. Keep in mind this market segment regularly lumps both college and high school together though. Before, we all take textbooks to school and I can still recall how those textbooks can be really heavy sometimes. How time flies and the massive wave of adoption of mobile computing (with iPad and smaller laptops) is actually revolutionizing the classroom teaching paradigm. Instead of taking heavy textbooks, pupils have the option to download and access them from computers and their tablets. Theoretically, this should be a relieve to pupils as it would mean that there will be less books to bring to school which can only mean lighter backpacks. Nonetheless, this is far from the reality. The laptop and mobile computing devices are getting more powerful and it is no longer an exception if you see students taking 17-inch laptop. How everyone wish that all laptops would be as thin and as light as the Macbook Air but its cost is still beyond the reach of many college students. So instead of seeing a load decrease in their own backpacks, students are seeing increased load which naturally means that the best backpacks for college have to evolve and they’re typically heavier (instead of lighter) as they need to offer fundamental laptop protection at the very least.

I am one who will always be useful to human beings and believes that backpack will never go into extinction. But having said that, I consider that changes (in relation to size, design and vogue) will constantly happen. One interesting question I am frequently asked about is what will be the future size of backpacks. It is a question that no one can predict the solution at this point of time as it’ll mainly be determined by the size of future computing devices. With all the talk and hype, it appears that bendable screen is something that’s near the horizon and when it reaches mass adoption, we may see the size of laptops shrinking to possibly half or less of the current size. This will automatically affect the size of backpacks.

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